Manuscripts available

The following table lists the manuscripts that are available for curation. Please click on the <<more>> link next to a manuscript to see more details and to volunteer as a curator (or as a reviewer, if no reviewer has been assigned).

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Title authors journal reviewer
Detection of tuberculosis in HIV-infected and -uninfected African adults using whole blood RNA expression signatures: a case-control study. Kaforou, M et al PLoS medicine <<more>>
Existing blood transcriptional classifiers accurately discriminate active tuberculosis from latent infection in individuals from south India. Leong, S et al Tuberculosis (Edinburgh, Scotland) <<more>>
Four-Gene Pan-African Blood Signature Predicts Progression to Tuberculosis. Suliman, S et al American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine <<more>>
Peripheral blood RNA gene expression in children with pneumococcal meningitis: a prospective case-control study. Kulohoma, BW et al BMJ paediatrics open <<more>>
A modular transcriptional signature identifies phenotypic heterogeneity of human tuberculosis infection. Singhania, A et al Nature communications <<more>>
A multi-cohort study of the immune factors associated with M. tuberculosis infection outcomes. Roy Chowdhury, R et al Nature <<more>>
Host Gene Expression in Nose and Blood for the Diagnosis of Viral Respiratory Infection. Yu, J et al The Journal of infectious diseases <<more>>
Molecular Distance to Health Transcriptional Score and Disease Severity in Children Hospitalized With Community-Acquired Pneumonia. Wallihan, RG et al Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology <<more>>
Transcriptome networks identify mechanisms of viral and nonviral asthma exacerbations in children. Altman, MC et al Nature immunology <<more>>
Shared and organism-specific host responses to childhood diarrheal diseases revealed by whole blood transcript profiling. DeBerg, HA et al PloS one <<more>>